Cornerstone LMS Implementation and Digital Optimisation

What attracted you to Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is a known brand and partner to us. As such, we know it has a strong reputation, is recognised as the leader in LMS software by Gartner, and has an engaging Interface with a variety of tools to support driving the blended learning culture. We liked the Artificial Intelligence driven content recommendations, Playlists, mobile app and Connect Communities. We needed a system that continually grows and develops its functionality, not only keeping up with the competition but leading in the dynamic world of learning. We needed tools to support us with the ever changing training needs/needs for new skills. It was crucial that our learners were able to quickly find the content to support their development and in the format matching their learning preferences, to support their busy day to day roles and enhance opportunities for on the job learning.

Easy integration with Workday and our other talent platforms was also important for seamless data and connectivity.


From both the LMS perspective and the optimisation of your welcome page/CMS, what were the original challenges you were looking to solve?

Remote access – as a globally dispersed population we wanted to make sure all our colleagues could access training easily and on demand.

Ease of access – we wanted to ensure ease of access to learning resources for our colleagues on a variety of devices. We needed a system and design that was responsive.

Blended learning – we have shifted from classroom training culture to blended learning and an on demand learning route. The system helped us to cultivate an “always on” learning culture through a variety of means to promote the content through playlists, curricula and promotion on custom pages.

Engaging learning – better curation of our training programmes consisting of interactive courses with videos.

Targeted training – we wanted to support our employees with finding content that is relevant to them and were able to do so via targeted custom pages.


How did you come to select Northern Star as your Cornerstone Implementation Partner?

Northern Star was recommended as the best partner by Cornerstone – given our budget and time frames. We reviewed the portfolio of successful implementations and felt they would be a good match.


What did you enjoy about working with Northern Star during your implementation?

  • The Subject matter expertise and great knowledge about the Cornerstone system and it’s functionality.
  • Successful implementation based on a thorough discovery session in the beginning, in order to fully understand our needs and the challenges we wanted to overcome via the new LMS.
  • Involving Northern Star helped us to track all the things we needed to think about whilst implementing the system, through discovery and deep dive sessions into our requirements and technology landscape. With so many considerations, we were able to ensure nothing was forgotten.
  • Implementing new technology can be hard and Northern Star allowed us the flexibility to be iterative about configuration, making small changes as our knowledge and confidence grew.
  • They were also able to suggest creative solutions to help bring our requirements to life.


You have also worked with Northern Star Digital, our design team partnership with Electric Circus, on your Cornerstone welcome page and other services; what were your drivers and how has this work enhanced your learner experience?

We wanted to have a page that not only serves a functional purpose but also stands as a trademark for our department. It was important for us to ensure easier navigation to the content that is most relevant to our learners. At the same time we wanted to be able to promote (the content of ) our internal programmes.

Working with the Northern Star digital team has helped us to create a page that is engaging, where our learners can find content, supporting materials, news and information. It has helped us to quickly share any news and updates with our learners and promote content related with our goals, such as driving awareness about Mental Health and promoting DE&I content.

Over 30% of our population engaged immediately with the system – in less than two years after implementing the system 99.9% of our staff have logged in at least once.


How has working with Northern Star set you up for future success with your Cornerstone platform?

We have been able to set up a platform that is in line with our culture, supports our strategies, including:

  • Promotion of our core programmes
  • Promotion of our DE&I and Mental Health content
  • Supporting our growth
  • Supporting development of skillset to support the agility
  • Supporting diversity of learners in different regions, with different skillsets, development plans and training needs

We have implemented the mobile app and made good use of eLearning and video led learning.

The options are limitless as Cornerstone are continually improving their offering with regular product update releases based on client feedback and ever changing learning trends. With the support of Northern Star and using the tools they offer, we feel well equipped to continue optimising the platform to support our ever changing needs.


You have purchased Northern Star Digital’s Content Management System to manage, optimise and create new custom pages. How has this helped you?

With the help of the content management system (CMS) provided by Northern Star we can ensure further promotion of our core training programmes and provide a dedicated, easy to find space focusing on a particular area (welcoming new joiners, manager hub, performance management, mental health, DE&I). Since the tool is very easy to use we can now empower the wider L&D team to build dedicated pages helping them to communicate with learners and sharing information very quickly in a consistent, branded and attractive format.


How has the learner experience and overall digital ROI for Cornerstone benefited as a result?

Significant increase in the Training hours – 3,329 employees (74%) logged in within first 3 months from launch.

System returners – over 50% of our colleagues have logged into the system 5-10 times in the last 6 months.

Our learners access training proactively and are engaged; they leave comments under the content they have watched, build playlists and engage in Connect Communities.


Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience with Northern Star?

We would recommend Northern Star as partners – easy to work with and build a strong working relationship.

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