Connect, Connect, Connect!

How connected is your organisation?

Never has there been a better time to ensure your people are connected and engaged. If your organisation is currently adjusting to 100% virtual working, the chances are you are also focusing on your digital learning offering. We know that many of you are curating libraries of COVID-19 content and information, utilising the Cornerstone Cares site with its useful self-help modules and providing lots of support to your employees during this difficult time.

Have you considered how Cornerstone’s Connect functionality can help you do this?

Empower connectivity and collaborative learning

Cornerstone OnDemand’s Connect module offers people the opportunity to network in subject-specific communities, with the option of creating “learning” communities which flag relevant content to a captive audience. While Learner Home provides everything you need in terms of recommended learning, Connect Communities can be used to encourage discussion and sharing around learning that is specific to a particular group of people, area of the business or perhaps a project group. What’s more, you can even use Programmes and Cohorts to facilitate group learning programmes taking learners through a curriculum of development interventions such as eLearning, virtual classroom and videos, and providing them with the community platform around it so they can share ideas and collaborate with each other.

Northern Star can help

If you have Connect as part of your Cornerstone OnDemand package but need some help with how best to leverage it, what type of communities to build and how to launch it to your business, we would be delighted to help. Please contact

By Helen Simpson, Head of Northern Star. Northern Star is a certified and dedicated Cornerstone OnDemand partner.

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