Everything you should be doing right now with your Cornerstone platform…


  • Test it: to ensure it works on relevant devices
  • Track it: measure consumption in correlation to competency/skill
  • Trace it: monitor adoption of this content and adoption of similar titles (see what we did here…?)
  • Curate it: pull it into meaningful playlists and curricula
  • Promote key themes: Health and Safety at home, wellbeing and mental health should all be featuring topics
  • Re-boarding curricula: support those returning from furlough with a helpful curriculum to settle them back into work


  • Clean it: ensure people data is up to date and accurate
  • Fix it: ensure data feeds are working correctly
  • Analyse it: what does your data tell you about trends in your organisation i.e. Learning, development etc
  • Slice it: set up reports for managers so that they can view key data for their teams easily
  • Dice it: get creative with the way you present data and create colourful dashboards for managers showing last user access, training status summary, goal progress etc
  • 2.0 it: Reporting 2.0 will become the default analytics tool next year, so start using it now


  • Check-in: set up Check-ins to record 1:1s and coaching sessions with employees
  • Promote: utilise Marketing Emails to promote new content and company initiatives
  • Connect: encourage collaboration via Connect Communities
  • Share: curate playlists and allow users to curate playlists to share with each other
  • Entice: encourage return visits to your platform, and increase content consumption by reviewing and refreshing your Welcome Page
  • Go mobile: if you haven’t already, go mobile to enable anywhere-anytime access to Cornerstone

In simple terms: if you’re not doing the above you’re missing a trick, not to mention a huge opportunity to successfully engage and develop a virtual workforce. You’ve made a significant investment in a powerful platform – make the most of it and realise the full potential of Cornerstone.

By the Northern Star team

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