Providing system administrators with tactical, just-in-time knowledge and support directly in the flow of work.
Creating experts in-house, one step at a time.

Empower your admins with learning in the flow of work

Nova is designed to provide system administrators with the knowledge they need to configure and optimise your Cornerstone platform, showing them how, when and why to use certain functionality, directly in the flow of work.

It’s simply installed as a layer over your Cornerstone platform and will provide them with guided tips and tools to help them (and you) get the most out of your platform.

Reduce time to productivity

We all want our employees to be productive – they also want to be productive. And a huge part of that is knowing their job. Nova actively supports Cornerstone system admins by acting as a visible layer over their Cornerstone platform; meaning as they use the platform they are provided with knowledge, tips and context as to what to do and why.

Nova helps to empower your people and promote autonomy for knowledge acquisition, without ever interrupting their flow of work.

Let's work together

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients, every step of the way. As a team, we work together with you to ensure our solutions fit your requirements 100%.