Anders Pink Content Curation Plugin for Cornerstone, by Northern Star

Anders Pink Content Curation Plugin, by Northern Star

Do you want to drive traffic and engagement in your Cornerstone platform to keep learners coming back?

One way to do that is to bring in fresh, relevant content from around the web to keep learners up to date. That’s what content curation is all about.


The good news

That’s what learners want. 83% of them consider external content from the web essential for learning – compared to 39% for elearning (Workplace Learning Survey, 2018). Modern learning professionals want to go beyond courses to find, filter and share great external content inside their platforms.


The challenge is the time and effort involved, if you’re doing curation manually. You could

  • Check thousands of sites, social networks and sources for relevant content…
  • Copy and paste links into Cornerstone…
  • …and do that every day, for every audience.
But that’s not very scalable.

More good news: There’s a better way to bring fresh and trending content into Cornerstone.

What if you could:

  • Create content feeds specific to the topics and interests of your learners
  • Plug those feeds directly into the relevant place in your Cornerstone platform
  • Automatically get updated content in your feeds, every few hours



That’s exactly what you can do with our Anders Pink content curation plugin for Cornerstone.


What’s Anders Pink?

Anders Pink is an award-winning content curation tool for learning. Used by over 1m learners, it keeps learners and teams up to date by bringing the best content from around the web directly into your Platforms and apps based on your interests, automatically updated every few hours. You can create custom content feeds (called briefings) using a combination of filters including:

  • Topics and keywords you want to track
  • Sites
  • RSS feeds

You can ensure only content from specific sites is shown, or block domains or keywords you don’t want. This content is then delivered into CSOD and updates every few hours with new content. You can also save the very best content into a folder, and display only the specific content you’ve chosen.


How the curation service works:



Curate in Anders Pink

Make custom briefings for your audiences. We’ll support your core / admin team with the creation of custom briefings – and we’ll get you started with 3 great pre-defined briefings on:

  • Latest tips on performance management from 6000 top business sites
  • Latest content on leadership from 30 top leadership blogs
  • Top talent management and succession content that includes tips, best practices and advice


Integrate and display in Cornerstone

Anders Pink briefings or saved folders can be placed on Welcome & Custom Pages within the Cornerstone platform to augment the existing page content with trending and curated content relevant to your audiences. We’ll help you with layout and display so it fits your brand and your learners’ needs.


Launch and track

Users in Cornerstone can now stay up to date with fresh, relevant content. They don’t need to access Anders Pink. Just click on any article in the feed to get right to the content. You can change briefings at any time. We’ll help you with launch planning, tracking usage and ongoing support to help you and your learners get the most from curated content.

Example use cases:
  • Latest trends in management and leadership topics as part of a leadership academy
  • Trends on your specific sector/industry as a home page feed
  • Mapping to your competencies to bring in fresh content on key skills
  • Supporting technical teams with content from their preferred sites and sources
  • Support sales teams with latest content on their sector, clients and competitors
  • Multi-language briefings for different audiences globally
  • Drive engagement in your Cornerstone with fresh, relevant content: Support continuous learning and keep learners coming back
  • Fresh content in the right place: Delivered alongside other learning content on your Cornerstone – no SSO/logins required
  • Powerful filtering and total control: You’re in control of the content that’s displayed and can edit and change it any time, with proactive support from us
  • Keep teams smart with continuous learning: Content refreshed every few hours – teams stays smart in less time as no longer searching and visiting multiple sites
  • More content for less: Cost and effort is a fraction of what’s involved in creating new elearning or other content types


What clients are saying:
  • “Anders Pink has brought continuous learning right into the workflow.”
  • “Through this we can encourage a cultural change where learning is something you can do for 5-10 minutes a day to help us turn into a learning organization.”
  • “We can offer latest and greatest content on key topics for our business in our portal.”
  • “We have added content quickly based on the needs of the relevant programme or trends. This has saved time and resources in sourcing content for subjects”.


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