The global coronavirus pandemic is impacting us all and challenging us to live our lives in a very different way. While there are still so many “unknowns” about this virus and how long we will need to continue living in a locked down situation, there is one thing that is certain: for the first time in a generation we are all inextricably linked. Never before in our lifetimes have we all shared an experience like this. Never have we had to pull on our resources and challenge ourselves to live with less; not just less materialistically but less with regards to our personal and professional freedom. It is even a challenge to get food and basic necessities due to limited supply or no supply at all, and seeing family and friends is something we have undoubtedly all taken for granted up to now.

In an earlier article we made reference to the impact Covid-19 is having on industries by causing a sudden and very fast shift to virtual working and digitalisation. There has been an increase in activity to digitalise learning, provide people with the tools to work remotely and to curate content to help people better understand this new world we’re living in. If you haven’t already checked out Cornerstone Cares it’s well worth a browse. There is some great content there and it’s totally free.

Here at Northern Star we continue to consider how we can evolve to support our clients in the best way. With client success and satisfaction at the core of our business, we want to help Talent teams navigate through these strange times. With all the challenges the pandemic poses, there are also opportunities for L&D, HR and Talent teams to shake things up and build a new vision for 2020 and beyond. Here are some things to consider:

“Reboarding” your workforce

If a high proportion of your workforce are furloughed or might be furloughed in coming weeks, it’s important to consider how you will “reboard” them when they return. While a break from work might provide people with a chance to recharge, it might also be confusing for them to find themselves unable to work and unable to leave the house. Not only will you need to consider how to re-engage and motivate these workers but you may also need to consider how to support them with adjusting to new ways of working if your organisation has firmly moved into the remote world. We can help you to leverage Cornerstone to re-engage and support your workers, getting them back on board and raring to go!

 Branding and user experience

You could use this situation as an opportunity to consider the user experience on your platform. Never before has it been more important to consider how easy it is for people to find content or set and review their goals. Just like you regularly review your company website, it’s best to review your Cornerstone platform and ensure that it looks engaging and smart. Speak to Northern Star Design if you would like to find out more about how we can help with this.

 Virtual Admin & Optimisation

The amount of work to digitalise and get your platform set up for a fully remote workforce might seem overwhelming. Perhaps you need support in understanding what your platform is capable of, how something could be configured differently for a better result, or perhaps you want to adopt functionality you haven’t used before. We are proud to support clients to get the best out of such a powerful platform and have combined experience of over 20 years in doing so.

If you would like to find out more about how we work and what we do, feel free to drop us a line at enquiries@northernstaruk.com.

By Helen Simpson, Head of Northern Star. Northern Star is a certified and dedicated Cornerstone OnDemand partner.

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