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The landscape

Globally, we are experiencing an unfamiliar set of circumstances as we try to navigate Coronavirus. It is quickly taking hold of entire communities and while you might feel there is an over-reaction caused by the media, we cannot get away from the fact that COVID-19 is having an impact on us economically, logistically, socially and politically.

Many organisations, ourselves included, are choosing to cut back on travel or ban travel completely, as we do our bit to help contain the spread and protect our people. As a dedicated Cornerstone OnDemand partner, we need to be healthy to support our clients. We are lucky that all of our work can be done virtually, but we know that working virtually is not so familiar to other organisations and industries, and for some has a significant impact on the production line.

What can you do?

We have compiled our top tips for utilising your Cornerstone platform to your full advantage during these uncertain times. Whether your whole organisation is working virtually, or you still have a proportion of workers on-site with the rest working remotely, these top tips will help you to optimise engagement with your virtual workforce.

 Starting from the top…


First and foremost, have you enabled mobile for your organisation? The Cornerstone Learn app allows users to continue learning from absolutely anywhere, and tracks progress if the user is working in offline mode. Going mobile creates further points of connectivity for your people, enabling them an alternative way to continue with training if access to a laptop or computer isn’t possible.

Learner Home

If you’re not already using this, consider enabling Learner Home to ensure your employees are connected with all of your digital learning options. Learner Home generates recommendations based on what similar users in your organisation have been learning, so it will help you to increase engagement and raise awareness of your content.

Virtual classroom

This has been around for many years but if you haven’t already made the move – or if you’re only using on a small scale – it’s time to adopt a virtual approach to classroom training. Tools such as WebEx or Adobe Connect can be integrated with your Cornerstone platform and include engagement tools such as polling and whiteboard functionality to help keep your attendees involved. 


Connectivity couldn’t be more important right now. Offering a fantastic way to curate a mixture of interesting content from online courses, videos, podcasts and more, give your people the power to curate collections of content that they think others will also really enjoy.

On the job training

If you need to ensure your employees are reading something specific or you require their comments on something, you could use the On the Job training functionality to push materials out and record the manager/employee interaction. Perhaps there is a significant change to a process, policy or procedure; On the Job Training will create peace of mind for everyone that changes have been communicated and received.


Connecting your people and providing a forum for them to share and discuss is a great way to ensure engagement continues while remote working. Consider how you might utilise Connect Communities and Teams to enable autonomy and continuous productivity across your HR and Talent based projects. If your learners are used to learning in a physical classroom environment, Connect Communities can provide the next best thing with regards to a forum for discussion, networking and sharing ideas.


If you have the Cornerstone Performance module, consider utilising Check-ins to facilitate and record ongoing interactions with your team. Whether it’s a coaching discussion, 1:1 or general catch up, Check-ins enables remote workers to continue “checking in” and you can record the outputs for reference at a later date.

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By Helen Simpson, Head of Northern Star. Northern Star is a certified and dedicated Cornerstone OnDemand partner.

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