Optimisation services

Creating a visually stunning, on-brand learning platform without having to get a new one.
Helping you reconfigure, re-design and refresh your platform to meet the constantly changing needs of your learners.

Northern Star Digital Portfolio 2021

Enhancing the user experience

These days, our digital content needs to look and feel modern. Our learners expect fantastic learning experiences and a big part of that is the user experience. But as our learner expectations have swiftly shifted, L&D departments are finding that at times, they’d love more high-quality visuals and UX that their people have come to expect.

Let us help you evolve the look and feel of your platform with our design services.









CosMoS Custom Page Creator

If you want full editing rights over your newly designed and branded custom pages our Content Management System (CMS) will be right up your street!

CosMoS is a custom page creator tool allowing you to make changes to the pages we have created for you without the need for coding skills, and you can also create new pages by choosing from our bustling library of components. We offer two products:

  • Basic – buy CosMoS and create your pages
  • Advanced – we design your pages and integrate them with CosMoS, allowing you to edit them as you please and add new pages whenever you need to

Supporting the needs of you and your learners

Optimising your platform isn’t just about improving its aesthetics. It’s also about configuration, evolving user interfaces and ensuring that the entire platform is being leveraged to its full capacity. Cornerstone is a fantastic platform, and our optimisation services help you ensure you are getting the most out of it.

Northern Star helps you to extend the capabilities of your learning platform by optimising for engagement and making the whole learning experience more modern.

Let's work together

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients, every step of the way. As a team, we work together with you to ensure our solutions fit your requirements 100%.